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Ian Thomas

Pomfret, Maryland

I'm passionate, driven, charismatic, smart, & funny. I've got soul & people love to root for me.
Ian Thomas
About Ian Thomas

I’m a full-time actor and musician. I’m a creative and I LOVE acting and music. Those are my true purposes in life. I just began recording a solo soul EP last week. I wrote every song on the EP, and it should be finished in a week or two. On the EP, I play every instrument (drums, bass, guitar, keys) and I sing. I have a disability called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 3 (although I can walk, I cannot run and I have difficulty ascending stairs and getting up from a seated position). I use acting and music to spread awareness about my disability. My goal is to help to raise money through acting and music to help find a cure for the disease. This disease has not stopped me from taking steps to achieve my dreams. Although the disease has made things difficult, I kick ass and take names on a daily basis!


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