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Megan Schadler

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

I want to prove America wrong about teenage girls.
Megan Schadler
About Megan Schadler

My name is Maggie. I’m seventeen years old and I don’t like Justin Beiber, okay? There are these annoying cliches floating around about teenage girls. “Oh girls are afraid of everything” “girls can’t take a picture without doing a duck face!” Well listen up America, not every teenage girl is the same. I am mean and I hate things that are pretty. Even if flowers are really soft and make life colorful, I think they are Satan’s plant! Rainbows are literally gay and I was never really into them. I never draw hearts or think about boys. Okay, well I do, but that’s like nature. I’m not a lesbian. There’s nothing wrong with that though. You go Ellen Degeneres. Also, I don’t need guys to hold the door open for me or anything. Not that they would anyway. Chivalry is dead. Boys suck. I’m a tough girl. I actually shoot things with a bow and arrow but not like that Katniss brat from the hunger games. She was a total sellout. I’m real tough. I’m really cool. I wear leather jackets (see my picture). And I’m going to win this money so that my parents will finally be proud of me.


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