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Vohn Doe

tamarac, Florida

I always thought I deserved to be up on a Billboard...
Vohn Doe
About Vohn Doe

Yo, this ya boy Vohn Diesel. I’m a retired MC and I live in Florida. I got into some trouble back in the day and did a lil bid up north. Now it’s hard to find work cause of my record. I think that reformed convicts get a raw deal. No pun intended. I’m rehabilitated, but corporate America doesn’t believe me. I’ll never make $96,000.00 all at one time in my life, and I need this money to change mine. Like the Geto Boys said in My Mind’s Playin Tricks on Me: “I got a little boy to look after. And if I die then my child’ll be a bastard.” So going back to the streets isn’t an option. Time to straighten up and fly right. I will outwit, outlast and outplay any other Billboarders out there. Watch, I’ll show you.