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Leah Pressman

Churchville, Pennsylvania

I am a very fun and creative girl who has sarcasm that can keep you laughing for days!
Leah Pressman
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About Leah Pressman

I am Leah Pressman! I am actor in my 20’s. I love getting to know other people in odd situations. Connecting with others is something I thrive to do and I think I would be a good fit for this feature film.

I love acting, movies, sports, music, art, and animals. I am quite quirky but also have a serious side. I feel as though I am uniquely realistic but then have big dreams that many may think are unattainable. Helping others and putting someone else before myself is a tendency of mine.

Competitiveness runs in my family so trying to out-sit the next person on a billboard is something I would dedicate myself to if need be. I always like to show my strength when I feel underestimated by my opponents.

I would really love this opportunity to be in this film. Acting is my passion and playing a part in a film that borders a real life experience would be one that I know I can excel at. PLEASE CHOOSE ME!!!

Also, one thing that many people would not expect of me is that I am a black belt in karate! Who would have thought!? There is more to me than meets the eye!

Thank you!!!

Leah Pressman