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Daebreon Michelle Albert

Montclair, New Jersey

I think about really deep things. e.g. If cats could fly, there would be a lot of dead birds!
Daebreon Michelle Albert
About Daebreon Michelle Albert

I am a very PASSIONATE person.
When I commit to something, I am sincerely COMMITTED!
Instead of saying, “It’s all or nothing”, I say, “It’s just ALL”!

I do everything from the depth of my HEARTand SOUL – act, cook, dance, eat, hug, kiss, laugh, live, love, play, read, sing, skip, sleep, smile, and work!

FAMILY matters more than anything in the world to me, and I consider it an honor when someone calls me FRIEND.
After all, friends are the family we choose.

FOREVER is a long time, so it is my purpose to spend it wisely!