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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Atlas founders, Jon Miller and Mike Slobodian, met while performing with another group called The Two Steps. The short-lived project left the two men to pick up the pieces of a musical venture that had been cast aside like iron scraps from Pittsburgh’s coal-fired steel mills. Soon there after, they acquired drummer Nick McCall from the notable band The Saturn Five. Nick’s innovative percussion gave the then two piece band a solid foundation to stand on. Acquiring bassist and front man Eric Emerson from Baltimore Maryland of the band “The Frauds”, completed the lineup. In the spring of 2011 the debut E.P. titled “Atlas” was released.

Throughout the next year the band toured up and down the East Coast and throughout the mid-west. In the summer of 2012, drummer Nick McCall left Atlas to move to the state of Washington. Atlas held a month of auditions to find a replacement for McCall. Scottish born Graeme Louden was finally settled upon as the permanent replacement for McCall and the group set out to write and record a new album.

Teaming up with Pittsburgh music producer J Vega in the fall of 2012, Atlas wrote and recorded their follow-up E.P. titled “Shapes” which was released to a sold out Brillobox crowd in January of 2013. In the weeks leading up to the release of Shapes, Atlas visited Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio to do an on air performance to thousands of listeners. Atlas was also featured in few articles during January 2013 including one in Pittsburgh’s #1 publication the City Paper as well as in the popular magazine Swerve. Asperity Music Group also nominated Atlas for 2012 best indie rock band in Pittsburgh for their 2012 Pittsburgh Rock Music Awards Ceremony. Atlas plans on touring in the spring/summer and will be constantly working to release new material and content in throughout the year.


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