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Brendan Whelan

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I have been sitting for most of my life, so why not put my skill to use?
About Brendan Whelan

I am a self-diagnosed perfectionist with attention deficit and a mild case of insomnia, which concerns my mother. I think in tangents and speak in English. I’m often found in a deep stare. I can improvise my way out of a paper bag. I believe I was a wolf in a past life.

My first job was a telemarketer, and that’s when I knew I was good at acting. Since then, I’ve had many roles; bartender, valet driver, fundraiser, recruiter, promoter, musician, DJ, editor, painter. Some of my most convincing work has been the moment after I sink a tough pool shot and chalk up my stick like I meant to do that.

You may recognize me from such roles as “Pary-goer #43” in M. Night’s film “Lady in the Water”, or the famous line “hold that elevator please!” in the NBC drama “Do No Harm”. Yes, it was canceled after 2 episodes. No comment.

If I’m not sitting, I’m standing. I’m good at impressions, especially that over-dramatic trailer voice. I love good beer and fast cars [neither which I can afford].


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