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Mary Eileen Lamb

Wexford, Pennsylvania

Everyone is a dreamer at heart.
Mary Eileen Lamb
About Mary Eileen Lamb

I’m a girl who has had this dream inside of me forever. A dream I have refused to let go. I’m a go getter and I will keep pushing until I make it come true. A really smart man once told me, “The secret to happiness is doing what you love”. I truly believe that, and I will continue to do what I love and reach higher and higher until the day that I die.

If you were looking for a typical “about me” bio then. . .I’m a Taurus who enjoys yoga, fishing, volleyball, anything in the arts- especially music. I’m 50% Italian, but probably act more like I’m 80%. I’m a Pittsburgh sports fan and a sucker for pretty eyes and a tempting, crooked smile. If I had to sum myself up in one word though? An optimist.