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Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania

Because wining this contest will mean that I can earn more than an MRS degree. I need my own life!
About Charlott

I’m 19. Living with my parents still. Pretty normal right? Well maybe it would be if they trusted me enough to drive. I come up with great life starting ideas and each one is met with a giant wall in the middle of the road called my parents and their unwillingness to let me drive.

I have a limitless amount of energy. With the wheels in my head constantly churning and ideas and dreams just sitting there, my mind is turning to mush. I feel like im wasting away inside of myself because my parents are too scared to let me go.

I’m enrolled in college, a pretty good one too. But I’m worried about how far my parents will let me roam afterwards. That is, how far they will let me roam away from a good husband with a respectable job. My talents are bigger than child baring and house keeping, or at least I want them to be. Right now all I know for sure is that I’m descent at academics, polite, and attractive but that is ONLY because that’s all I’ve been tested it. I want to throw myself at the world and have it chew me up and spit me out JUST so I can say that I failed and my parents didn’t stop me from trying. Driving is basically a metaphore for my life. I scheduled three driving tests and my mom wouldn’t let me go to them saying “Charlotte you will fail, I am protecting you from yourself.”

With the money, and the mobile home I’ll finally get to say “GUESS WHAT MOM, THAT’S NOT FOR YOU TO DECIDE.” And if all I get to do is sit on the billboard? Even better. I will have made it up there without my parents permission or help, and everything I learn up there will be out of their control.


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