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Reverend TJ McGlinchey

Philadlephia, Pennsylvania

Because they like my music.

About Reverend TJ McGlinchey

What do you call a man who grew up with a folk and bluegrass musician for a father, played punk rock in high school, honed his chops in blues clubs, studied classical music in college, and defies categorization in his current endeavors? The answer is Reverend TJ McGlinchey. His debut album Tell Me To Stay is rooted in American folk music but runs a gamut of influences including reggae, Latin, blues, and rock. The album has picked up airplay on WXPN and represents the culmination of a decade of refining his craft and networking with fellow Philadelphia-area musicians, many of whom helped him bring the record to life. The Reverend, whose dad regularly took him to the Philadelphia Folk Festival, earned the honor of gracing that legendary festival’s Main Stage in 2012. – S.J. Dibai www.revtj.com


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