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Washington, District of Columbia

Three, count 'em three, guitars. Also, babies and small animals like us.

About Mittenfields

Combining a densely layered three‐guitar attack with raw, nervy vocals, Mittenfields have drawn comparisons to some of the best indie rock acts of the 1990s. Far from an exercise in pure nostalgia, however, the DC‐based ensemble has crafted its own unique sound combining elements of indie rock, shoegaze and noise pop.

Singer/bassist Dave Mann formed Mittenfields in 2008 with guitarist Sam Sherwood. After adding wunderkind math‐rock drummer Brian Moran to the mix, the lineup of the band was completed with the arrival of guitarists Donald Seale and Michael Ball in late 2010. The quintet quickly headed into DC’s Inner Ear Studios, cranked up a wall of amps, and let it rip.

Mittenfields released their debut EP, The Fresh Sum, in July 2011, with the tracks “My Mind Is An Avalanche” and “Goliath FTW” being featured on college radio and podcasts in the US and Canada.

The band has spent much of 2012 playing shows in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast areas of the US, including the 35 Denton festival and several unofficial SXSW showcases.

The is currently writing and recording songs for its first full-length album, which could be finished by the end of 2013.



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