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Portland, Oregon

Why shouldn't they? No, seriously, we have something for everyone and we'll get stuck in your head!


Alternative Rock, Powerpop & Synth-filled Punk songs fill the air with explosive sounds and the venues with energetic fans when SLOWtheIMPACT takes the stage. It may be the shredding guitar solos, pumping bass lines, dance-inspiring keyboards or a chorus guaranteed to get stuck in your head that you’re interested in, but no matter what brings you to the show, you’ll find everything you’re looking for when this band from Portland, OR starts to play.

SLOWtheIMPACT was formed in 2007 by guitarist and singer Steve Cockayne, initially as a solo project, but quickly evolving into a full-fledged band. They played dozens of shows and began to build a moderate fan base, but didn’t have a name to identify themselves. That is until their friends in Just Surrender (Razor & Tie Records) asked to dedicate a show to the band while in Portland on tour. Not knowing what to call themselves, they agreed to let their friends name them during the performance. The show was dedicated to “Slow the Impact”, a name which the band still uses to this day.

Fast forward five years, thousands of albums sold, and one of their songs in a movie and SLOWtheIMPACT have just released their 2nd full length, and 3rd overall album, “…and Those We’ve Left Behind”, a 13-song collection inspired by everything from the prominent keyboards and catchy hooks of 80’s new wave bands like The Cure and Duran Duran, to the aggressive guitars, heavy bass and explosive drums of modern day rock bands like Anberlin and The Foo Fighters. The album is dedicated to former members and friends whom have parted ways with the band over the years, particularly former guitarist Tim Butcher who passed away in October of 2012.

With Brad Buttram taking over the position of lead guitarist, the current members of SLOWtheIMPACT; Steve Cockayne (guitar/vocals), Amy Smith (keyboard/vocals), Zach Barnum (bass/vocals) and Mark Matocha (drums) are focusing on playing shows, expanding their fan base and gaining exposure through radio play, social networking and licensing their music for movies and television.


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