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Audrey Graziano

Alexandria, Virginia

I think I would make a great Mayor of the billboard. I'd keep the peace.BB needs someone like me.
About Audrey Graziano

I am a well rounded/balanced person. Isn’t that what life is all about? I know when it’s time to get jiggy and when it’s time to chill. I eat both meat and vegetables. I also eat gluten.
I love animals and babies and I also would never skydive. I think skydiving is stupid.
I enjoy manicure and pedicures but I would never want to be the lady who scrapes dead skin off of peoples feet. I mean, seriously. Gross. But thank god for them.
I am okay with the sight of blood but when I hear bones cracking something happens to me and I think I might vomit. What is that all about?
I pretty much like people, but then again, I pretty much don’t like people. Again, it’s all about balance.