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we paint the town

Austin, Texas

Because we want to make awful music and have lots of money.

About we paint the town

Revamped since 2011, We Paint The Town brings a bigger/bolder sound to the pop punk genre. Paving a road has never been easy, and that’s exactly what they have been doing since the start of the band. From playing several Battle of the Band’s contests, they quickly gained recognition throughout both the Houston and Austin communities with the help of friends, family, and fans of the band.

With the recent release of their first EP, “Red Handed”, the band continues to play shows and promote to support the release. In the summer of 2011, the group followed the Vans Warped Tour through out Texas in order to gain coverage. Meeting new faces doesn’t stop there; you can catch Cory and Jon on Chat Roulette playing acoustic songs of all kinds for people across the world.

Gearing up for 2012, is the groups main focus. Looking to carry on the We Paint The Town name, the band is focused on writing new material for their next release, working on an EPK with some music videos, and a few fantastic surprises along the way. At the end of the day, these guys just want to live their dreams; 2013 is going to be this bands year.


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