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John Ward

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Because everything sounds better with a British accent. Even sitting not saying anything.
John Ward
About John Ward

The only thing harder than being born in North Lodon to traditionalist dad and eccentric mom (I’m still not sure how they attracted each other), is having those parents move you to New Jersey when you’re 10. It’s not that I don’t like America–I quite do–it’s that it was New Jersey. And not South Jersey so you could be connected to Philadelphia, or North Jersey so you could be connected to New York; but near bloody Trenton. Close enough to both to want to visit both, but far enough enough away to be annoying.
Anyway, growing up I wanted to be a footballer–sorry, “soccer” player (you Americans really need to work on changing that name). I thought being British gave me a natural advantage (it does, just in a different way–more on this in a second). To be fair, I was a pretty good player, but then I had my knee done in when I was 16 and that was the end of that.
Music is what really helped me through those times, and never one to make my dad happy and take the traditional school, work, wife, 2.3 kids path, I decided to make entertainment my passion and my life.
And now here we are. Oh right, that advantage to being British in America: I can talk my way out of, or in the case of ladies, into, anything. My American mates are always trying to figure out how to meet women; I can literally just walk up and say “hello.” That’s the only pick-up line I’ve ever needed. It’s brilliant. Get’s me in a bit of trouble though, doesn’t it? For the record though, it works the opposite in England. So if you’re an American lad struggling with women in the states, go to England, mate. They love a good Jersey accent…I’m just kidding, no one likes a Jersey accent. Again, kidding…kind of.


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