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Marcus Griffin Jr.

Baltimore, Maryland

I think people will want to vote for me because I make music in my sleep!
Marcus Griffin Jr.
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About Marcus Griffin Jr.

I am 29 yrs old, currently in my sophmore year in college. I consider myself an artist all around but my favorites forms of artwork take shape in musical form. I’m in a band called Freebase that I started with some college buddies of mine. I write all the music that the band plays and this last spring we headlined the Headbangers ball at club Nod. I also write love songs, rap songs, songs about breaking up with your girlfriend, songs about living the high life, and the occasional jingle every now and again. I hope to land a job in the music industry one day and be able to write music for the best in the industry and have my music heard all around the world. I really hope to win this contest so I can take band LA and we can rock that muthafucker!


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