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  • Isabella Wainright
  • Church of Trees
  • Ugochill
  • (Silence)
  • Unknown Nobodies
  • The Hook
  • Needle Points
  • Radio Drive


Los Angeles, California

Because DJ Jezebel Henry loves our tunes and we love her back. =)

About Walla

Formed in Los Angeles May 2012, Walla is an indie pop/rock band that combines electronic musical synthesizers with live instrumentation. Recently described as a mixture between Pheonix and The Strokes, Walla maintains a modern sound while heavenly influenced in the 80’s Synthpop genre. All 5 members have a background from a different part of the globe (Mexico/El Salvador, Italy, Indonesia, Brazil, Korea). Members include Jonathan Hoonch (Guitar/Lead Vocals) Gabriel Nava Rodrigues ( Synths/Back Vocals) Ian Charlie (Lead Guitar/Back Vocals) Mauricou Carcamo “Moe Beats” (Bass)
Alessio Balsemin (Drums).


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