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Los Angeles, California

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About honeychain

honeychain is melodic, in-your-face power pop that rocks & sticks like glue traps.

honeychain started as Hillary Burton’s solo project, leading to the release of the FUTURA ep in January 2013, where she wrote & sang all the songs and played all the instruments. Then a magical thing happened in February-March 2013 and honeychain morphed into a full-fledged band made-up of Hillary on guitar and vocals, John Borack on drums, Emma Jenson on bass and back-up vocals, and Milan Mandic on guitar.

honeychain has received a number of super awesome reviews from various music critics and music fans alike as well as a great deal of radio airplay on numerous independent stations (Pop Garden Radio, Twirl Radio, Woody Radio, etc.) honeychain has also had their songs played by Rodney Bingenheimer on his Rodney on the ROQ show on KROQ in Los Angeles.

two girls, two guys, longing for the loud.


Hillary has written & performed songs with her previous project, NUSHU, that have appeared on MTV’s The Real World, The CW Network’s 90210, as well as on Rockband┬«.



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