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Claire Bryan

New York City, New York

I'm a sassy little blonde girl born and raised in West TX but have serious OCD so it'd be hilarious.
Claire Bryan
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About Claire Bryan

I’m Claire Bryan and will be coming in for callback for the role of Shelby tomorrow afternoon.
Growing up in West Texas for the first twenty years of my life, it’s been a huge cultural shock living in the big apple for the past year. I’ve learned to live, love, and adapt to my new city home and am excited to stay and pursue my dreams in this crazy industry of the arts.
My passion started in music and theatre, but now there has become a certain thrill that runs through me when I’m on camera. Thanks to the One-Year Conservatory I just completed at Michael Howard Studios, I’ve had much on-camera experience and ready to take my craft to the next level.
I’m also a firecracker of energy.


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