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The New Up

San Francisco, California

We don't try to sound like anyone else and craft good songs!

About The New Up

The New Up’s music has been described in many ways, but NBC San Diego said it best when they called the band “a clear standout… [this] San Francisco five-piece specializes in dark, dreamy rock with gorgeous female vocals.” Flagpole coined the band’s music as “striking, exotic and brashly coherent indie pop that feel[s] like the sonic equivalent of a thrill ride.” However you describe it, The New Up’s music integrates catchy and engaging vocal melodies, ethereal vocal harmonies, powerful lyrical themes and beats that make you wanna move.

The New Up has been doing a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. We’re in the final two-week stretch of our campaign to record and release our album into the world!

We’re offering an advanced download of our upcoming album for 10 with additional perks on our page.

Click on link here:


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