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Winter Circle

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

We write from the heart and do what we love.

About Winter Circle

Picking up where they left off, Winter Circle is back with their debut full-length album titled “Clouds Call to Ground”. Built on catchy guitars, synths and introspective hooks the album is the long awaited follow-up to their previous EP “The Huge and Hopeful”.

Health issues sidelined the band as singer Kevin Dawson was afflicted by Osteonecrosis. This degenerative bone disease causes once-healthy joints and bones to die. Causing incredible pain it also results limited use of the joints, and reduces the patient’s over-all quality of life. The pain is compared to being like bone cancer.

Through charities and taking on massive personal debt, Kevin was able to undergo successful hip replacement surgeries. The surgeries drastically improved quality of life and after intensive physical therapy is back in the game.

Much of the new album was written during and about the uncertain, emotionally and mentally trying times over the past several years. Kevin Dawson (vocals/guitar) and Andy Hale (guitar/synth) spent much of 2012 recording and compiling further demos for the new album.

The band will return to the stage and festivals over the next year in addition to returning radio airwaves across the United States and worldwide. Winter Circle has previously shared the stage with acts such as Sum 41, Hawthorne Heights, Unwritten Law, Hinder, The Exies, Burden Brothers. In addition, they have played showcases at the North Texas New Music Festival (Dallas), Hyperactive Music Festival (Albuquerque), DIVERSAFEST (Tulsa) and Dewey Beach Music Festival (Delaware). They have earned commercial radio support from their hometown Clear Channel radio station KHBZ 94.7FM where their first recorded single, “Don’t Go”, won heavy rotation. In addition Indie 104.7FM (Los Angeles, CA), KYIS 98.9FM (OKC, OK), KWDQ 102.3 FM (Woodward, OK) and KMYZ 104.5 FM (Tulsa, OK).


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