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Autumn Electric

Seattle, Washington


About Autumn Electric

Autumn Electric began in the fall of 2008 when singer/guitarist Michael Trew and singer/keyboardist Naomi Smith embarked on the band’s first tour. Shortly after came their debut “Very Soon the Light”, and a very storied, DIY tour of the U.S. Much of their local notoriety came with the release of Tourdeo, a rock tour mockumentary, and their 2nd release “If You’re Home”.
With the recent additions of Austrian guitarist Max Steiner, and Drummer Chris Barrios, the group has moved into their most ambitious era yet. In mid 2012 came their 3rd album “Make Me a Tree”, a sort of Prog Rock, conceptual piece, who’s title track was picked up for the HomeGrown Summer Roadtrip compilation alongside Hey Marseilles, Ravenna Woods and the Moondoggies. Their most recent tour was based largely on playing charity concerts for Healing Centers, and Hospices on the West Coast, fitting with the album’s theme of empathy and renewal.


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