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Long Time Divided

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We're hard working rockers looking to spread the good times around.

About Long Time Divided

Like the hometown of their inception, Long Time Divided is a band of blue-collar musicians, carving a name for themselves in the Pittsburgh music scene as one of the hardest working acts today. The wealth of musical knowledge that each member of the band brings to the group gives Long Time Divided a very polished hard rock sound.

Each member’s distinctive style blends almost seamlessly with the others, whether it’s lead singer DJ Beckage belting out his grunge rock styled vocals mixed with very revealing lyrics or lead guitarist and pianist Bill Costello, with his haunting guitar riffs matched only by his melodic piano work.
Rhythm guitarist Paul Terry brings an element of exuberance to the stage, which shows in all of his methodical guitar play. Bassist Bob Beveridge and Drummer Jason Slick form the bedrock of the band; Bob bringing his soulful intensity to the bass in tandem with Jason almost robotic-like precision to the drums.

Long Time Divided has kept themselves grounded because they have never forgotten their roots and the people that have elevated them. With musical experience and peer accolades, Long Time Divided is now perched to succeed where many other bands before them have failed.

Formed from five, they are Long Time Divided.


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