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Jared Christopher

Los Angeles, California

Our music starts the party!!!

About Jared Christopher

Whatever happened to the music that should have evolved from the likes of Motley Crue and Poison? Well, maybe the likes of grunge and thrash didn’t kill it off entirely but what we’ve had in the main since the early nineties is a kind of rock n roll parody show. Now though, the likes of Jared Christopher have taken all that lip curling bad ass attitude and added a bit of twenty first century savvy. This Indianapolis born, California based singer song writer is part of a new breed of rocker demanding to be taken seriously and ‘New American Rockstar’ is a huge step in the right direction.

What we get are thirteen tracks that vary from the slow smouldering ballad of ‘Let’s Write A Love Song’ to an out and out head banging cover of the Beastie Boys ‘Fight For Your Right To Party’. The latter in a nutshell being what this album is really all about. You won’t find political commentary, you won’t hear any obscure deep lyrics or mind warping break beats, what you do get is though is as American as apple pie and as fist waving rock as a Slash guitar solo.

Jared sings with a kind of ubiquitous swagger but still finds a way of not coming across as too full of himself. You can imagine he’s a nice guy, confident, but still grounded. He handles the various covers on the album with aplomb, the best being Kiss’s ‘God Gave Rock And Roll To You’ and yet it’s the original material that stands out, testament to the strength of the writing.

My only slight fear is that this kind of music is usually at its most popular when people are generally happy. Look back at when hair metal and rock ruled, the world, at least the part that bought records was a wealthy place, it was mostly content. These days things are much more uncertain, people are less happy and the world is an angry place, this as you would expect reflects in the music of the day. Fingers crossed then that we have a winter of content, because Jared Christopher deserves to be heard, he may not bring peace on earth but he might for a time bring it to your soul.


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