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Sam Sims Band

Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

We have a unique mellow sound that is enjoyable to many listeners

About Sam Sims Band

Sam Sims – Songwriter / Musician

Singer-songwriter Sam Sims has been writing and performing great Hawaiian, Folk, and Adult Contemporary music for two decades. His songs have been licensed with multiple music publishing companies and featured on Prime-Time television shows, most recently “Hawaii 5-0” on CBS. With four full -length albums and a Christmas single to date, Sam’s heartfelt music encompasses melodically-voiced acoustic guitar, ukulele, exquisite lyrics, and soulful vocals.

Missions: encouraging positivity; writing /performing high-quality music; providing music education via performance and charitable outreach.
Sam’s “Hawaiian Christmas Song” recently aired on CBS’ ‘Hawaii 5-0’ in the episode “Pukana” (12/20/2013). Sam has recently shared stages with acts such as Willie Nile and Rob Machado.
“Many of these songs have an island feel inspired by the ocean, sun, moon and stars.” Some of Sam’s influences include Van Morrison, David Gray, Jack Johnson, and Jim Croce.

2013 Album “Christmas Songs”- Both tracks on this beautifully orchestrated album indefinitely provide a reminder of the Holiday season’s true purpose.

2013 Album “Into the Blue” – A highly organic album; reflects musical growth through a diverse compilation of heartfelt, lighthearted, and soulful songs.

2011 Album “Moments” – Embraces the concept of being present in the living moment. We are often distracted by the future and the past. Fully living, we are in the here and now.

2009 Album “Neon Signs” – It’s full of heart- warming/evocative lyrics and melodies and features popular live songs such as “Hula girl”. Features 12 full tracks of great music!

CDs and downloads are available world- wide from CDBaby and iTunes (among other places). Check out Sam on Pandora at www.pandora.com/sam-sims


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