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hear kitty kitty

los angeles, California

hkk combines East Coast Grit + LA glam, catchy tunes, punk style & a powerful live performance

About hear kitty kitty

“Hello ! My name is Jonny Kat. I play guitar with Hear KittyKitty.
“What’s Hear Kitty Kitty?” You ask? “Who is Jonny Kat?”
Well here goes….
Hear Kitty Kitty is my best friend Kitty’s (Nikita La Tijera) band she started
a couple years ago. “The plight of the alley cat!” She laughed as she swaggered
into the neon clouds of Hollywood Blvd. See, Kitty and I have played lots
of gigs together. From backyard parties, carnivals, charity events….
to after hour clubs, theaters, and radio shows…. to U.S. National tours….
to Donnington England’s Download Festival…. she’s the voice for the angels,
and the reason men sin…. Hear Kitty Kitty IS Kitty’s vision….
……I am the one to bring it into focus….”
“Who is Jonny Kat? I like to think of myself as a Super Hero!
Like Batman! Spider Man! Iron man! YA SUPERMAN!
(I leave Wonder Woman for Kitty)…. The truth is Jonny Kat
is lil ol me… Cordell Crockett! But I think I’m lots cooler than
Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, and Clark Kent combined. Why?
Cuz I get to party like a rockstar, touring the world as bassist
of Ugly Kid Joe, having sold more than 5 million hard copies
of 4 different albums!Ya Bruce Wayne might be loaded, but
what would you rather be doin? Hangin out with Alfred or
sharing stages with Metallica, Motorhead, Black Sabbath,
Soundgarden, Prodigy, Lamb of god, Puddle of Mud, Guns
N Roses, and on and on and on…..and thats my day job! When
I get my super hero tights on, and ya, they’re tight, I’m ….
JONNY KAT! ………………….Handlin the shit!!!!”

Nikita La Tijera
A little about me:
i sing. play guitar. act. model. dance & bartend
i love 2 work out. i like nature. i like to help people.
i have been working for some time now on my own project called
“One Band Army”
about my personal crusade to make a difference in our world.
i got a plaque from the American Red Cross
for my fund raising efforts in Japan. I was very proud of that.
I have now done 5 charity shows and plan on continuing trying
to make a difference.
i try to live green and be an educator about that.
I play music to make a difference and aim to touch peoples lives.
Hopefully music can help me
bridge the gap to people globally..
about a peaceful world
and taking care of it so it will
be here for our children and our
children’s children. Our world is
finite..not infinite.. if we expend
our resources & trash our oceans
& pollute our air..then what? Its
not out of the question at the
rate we are going & we must
change our thinking.
Recycle. Reuse. Restore.
Waste less. Give more to people
who need our help..And Realize
We are all in this life together.
We all bleed red
one love=music
We can change the World:)

Robbi Black
A virgo from The san francisco bay area.
A passionate drummer who Hits as hard as he fights. Maybe a small reflection of his years kicking around the Hollywood scene.
After Many records, demo’s countless shows and tours accross the U.S. and beyond with many VERY mentionable (but no need to) artists
Playing for thousands upon thousands of people. He has found what REALLY matters in music. SUBSTANCE. That substance in the opportunity to play with hear kitty kitty:)
Taking the experience and patience this industry requires to succeed and implimenting it into this refreshing new line up has all the marking’s of something very special about to explode into a avenue near you very soon.
You will get the everything he’s got when you come see HKK live and just wait till you hear
(no pun intended) the next record.
Cheers all.
See you in a city near you very soon.
Come support.

Who is Jimmy Minj??

I am a low-down dirty bass player..
I wanna make your head bounce and your
ass shake..If you’re not movin’, then I ain’t rocking it hard enough!!
And, we know that ain’t gonna happen!!

Born and raised in New York (No, not NYC.. There’s more to the state than that), I jammed around town and played some awesome shows.. I played up and down the coast and into Canada, but that wasn’t enough..

So, I moved to Lost Angeles… I found some new bands, played around town and did more awesome shows. I played all over the country, but it still wasn’t enough..

Along the way, I’ve shared the stage with some amazing bands.. Slayer, Manson, Korn, FFDP, Biohazard, Volbeat, Green Day, Blink 182…
The list goes on…And, I can’t wait to play with more of them…

Now, I’ve ran into Hear Kitty Kitty
around the litter box and it’s time to rock it!!
It’s time to take this outta the alley and
into your face!! Are you ready??

Currently #2 on LA Alternative REVERBNATION Charts.
LP Tails from the Alley features guest appearances with:
Tommy Stinson (The Replacements, Guns N Roses)
John Dolmayan (System of a Down)
Gina Schock (The Go-Go’s)
Kim Fowley (The Runaways, KISS, Alice Cooper)
Chris Vrenna – NIN, Marilyn Manson
Cordell Crockett – Ugly Kid Joe, Hear Kitty Kitty
HKK endorses Jackson & ESP Guitars,
Pickworld Picks, Tres Sietes Tequila and Jet City Amps
Twitter: @hearkittykitty
Band Contact :
Kitty – nikitalatijera@yahoo.com
Booking Contact:
Andrea Roberts/ Ashley Talent International, LLC
P 517-467-7777 C/Text 864-209-5428
Law Office of Mark L. Levinson
14724 Ventura Boulevard, Penthouse Suite
Sherman Oaks, Ca 91403
(818) 788-3059 (phone) (818) 461-1744 (fax)
Hear Kitty Kitty.com Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved


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