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Jeannine Frumess

New York, New York

My video is 1 second too long and I don't care! I'm lying I'm so sorry please vote for me.
About Jeannine Frumess

I’m a tutor from New York City. I’m actually from here, born and raised in Queens by two well-meaning helicopter parents. I grew up a brainy only child and ended up skipping a grade. Which was fine except that I was already really tiny for my age. A lady on the subway once told my dad how cute I was and guessed that I was 7. My dad told her she was right and had a whole conversation about how second grade was going. I was 13.

I live in New York with my boyfriend and our two cats, George and Spider-Man, both of whom are girls (fight the patriarchy, right?). I was an English major at Vassar (where I learned about the patriarchy and how we should probably fight it). For fun, I knit, do puzzles, watch a lot of TV, and worry about stuff. Vote for me!