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The Places You've Been

Brick/Seaside, New Jersey

Diverse and intense yet easy to listen to, we rock pretty hard for an acoustic band.

About The Places You've Been

An alternative acoustic rock trio from New Jersey, The Places You’ve Been is a band about diversity, personality, and individuality.

With songs ranging from the dark island sound of The Royal Road, to the smooth yet somber The Making of a Ghost, The Places You’ve Been produces an interestingly unique brand of music that challenges the ear on one side, yet relaxes the mind on the other.

Brandon and Jed, two musicians whose backgrounds almost completely oppose each other by one’s affinity for 90’s alternative, hip hop and r&b, and the other’s love of extreme metal, began writing music under the name The Places You’ve Been toward the end of Winter in 2010. After just a few months of jamming, writing, and fiddling around, Jed put down his electric guitar and began focusing more attention to the bass as well as utilizing a high tuned 5 string set up, while Brandon started developing his unique guitar and vocal style on top of writing the majority of material for the band.

After starting out as a duo, The Places You’ve Been have since participated in Local Shack’s event Rock 2 Adopt 2 at Popcorn Park Zoo, released an album in September 2013 called Come Close and Listen which can be acquired for free at one of their shows or requested and hand delivered, and expanded in February 2014 with Andrew Oliva offering up his percussive skills. Now, the trio is set to continue performing live across New Jersey and the tri-state area with eyes turned to the future.


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