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The Diabolical Machines

Fort Worth, Texas

Our songs are thoughtfully crafted and unlike anything else around.

About The Diabolical Machines

Born in the Near Southside of Fort Worth, Texas in late 2012, The Diabolical Machines are a refreshing new voice in the indie rock scene. The four-person lineup – featuring guitarist/vocalist Steph Buchanan, keyboardist/electric ukuleleist/vocalist Kevin Buchanan, bassist Jonathan Holder, and drummer Aubrey Savage – craft original songs with thoughtful, intelligent lit-rock lyrics married to energetic power-pop instrumentation.

The band counts among its influences a diverse range of artists: The New Pornographers, Dressy Bessy, The Apples in Stereo, Harvey Danger, The Long Winters, The Monkees, and The Beach Boys, to name just a few. Yet the sound of The Diabolical Machines is wholly its own, bringing a unique perspective to American indie rock.

In 2013, the band recorded and released its debut EP, Drag You Away, to positive reviews from both critics and fans. More recordings are forthcoming for 2014; the first, an EP titled Get Scrappy!, was released in February to strong reviews.


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