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asbury park, New Jersey

About greygoesblack

Life is a funny thing constantly adjusting and realigning itself twisting and turning upside down everything we know. 4 people come together ,become friends, write music, play shows and record a cd. Life twists and turns adding commitments, marriages, kids, breakdowns, car accidents, desertions at the highest peaks, internet ads with try fail try repetition, mortgages, bills, and the pressure builds till the four are drawn and quartered ,ripped apart at the seams. Seconds to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days ,days to weeks, weeks to months and ect. I’ll call you next week becomes ten years on and once again life will adjust and realign until in a smoky new jersey bar the being is reassembled and renamed.
So the caterpillar now the butterfly.
Grey Goes Black is an alternative rock band consisting of

Matt Casoni(vocals, guitar) Matt has played for the nj based bands Holy Sue and Harry Globins army and uses a Gibson Sg standard, a Fender deluxe 85 112 red knob, Line 6 verbzilla and xt live

James Malizia jr. (bass. Keyboards ) James played for nj based band Send 72 and uses Fender basses and ampeg amplifiers

Steven Moraghan ( drums, electronics ) Steve has played for nj based bands Codger, Two Tales, Virginia , and Maegashira, and uses Premier drums, Roland ,Boss, and Yamaha Electronics


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