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Bill Malarkey

Hanover Township, Pennsylvania

Plain and simple, my stuff rocks

About Bill Malarkey

I am a solo musician, I have been writing and playing music for over a while now… My style is Rock and Roll & the Blues, I have written Jazz, Hip-Hop, Classical etc… If it has rhythm I like it. I write, compose and play all the instruments in my songs EXCEPT the drums, I use Ibanez, Fender guitars and an ESP 7 string guitar, a Dean 6 string bass (it is a KILLER bass).

Previous to my “solo” career, I was the lead guitar player in unsigned bands where we played the “local scene” using original material as well as cover tunes.

I have had numerous songs showcased on public radio and was a featured guitar player three times, I also had solo work showcased on commercial radio stations located in larger cities.

Sincerely, Bill Malarkey