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Ben Harter-Murphy

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania

My dimples really. They've been known to cause riots, particularly in crowds and feminist rallies.
About Ben Harter-Murphy

I was born at the age of 0 in a hut just outside of Cambodia, right after the war. My father left, and my mother packed us up and moved us to N.C. I was raised there, went to what seemed like endless years of school, and worked on a farm where I learned the value of a hard days work. When I was younger I didn’t know if I wanted to be an actor, we had a stage with an auditorium, I went to go check it out. As soon as I stepped on to it, the janitor yelled at me “GET OFF! I JUST MOPPED!” After being forcefully told what to do I promptly grabbed his window squeegee and beat him to death. I was 9.

On the run, with my family in tow, we ended up in PA. Land of Yuengling, Mummers, and really mediocre sports teams. I attended one full year of school here, where my pursuit of acting was again dashed by my step fathers new job in VA. Which caused us to move again. After unpacking and having a conversation over dinner my step father asked “What electives are you going to take for the first year of High School?” I said “Don’t back sass me.” He then added that he and his buddies used to take drama in high school for the soul purpose of meeting women. Could this be my shot? My chance to finally perform for an audience. Ever since the brutal murder of Clyde the janitor I have been wanting to step on stage again.

The first day of High School I arrived in Drama Class, and I shit you not I was the only guy in that class. A bevy of women for my awkward Freshman self to gawk at every other day for an hour and a half. After Freshman year I had become a man, I had 3 high school productions under my belt, and I had impregnated every woman in that Drama Class that year. And it was high time that I come to a decision, A) Do I convert to polygamy? B)Do I start my own baseball team years later after a rigorous training program for all 13 of my kids ? or C) Run.

After a heavy night a drinking, I found myself back in PA and oddly enough in college. Apparently I went on a 3 year Bukowskian bender of scotch and shitty cigars contemplating what I should do with my life. I was attending University of the Arts in Philly. No matter how hard I tried theatre, and acting, and this artistic lifestyle always came calling. So I gave it the best damn shot I could, I sobered up, and graduated 4years later.


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