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The Fabrockators

Huntingtown, Maryland

To keep rock alive

About The Fabrockators

The Fabrockators are a diverse and eclectic rock act based in southern Maryland. Consisting of two very well known musicians from the region, the band is gaining momentum on a daily basis. The duo formed in 2009 when guitarist/vocalist Craig Pavone and drummer John Wilding met while performing in cover bands around the Maryland and D.C. area. After repeated talks on the pros and cons of playing cover music, the two began discussing their respective songwriting abilities, deciding to combine those abilities and work on original material. Hence the hard rock music of The Fabrockators was born.
Keep your eyes and ears open for this rock outfit – They’re coming at ya – hard rockin’ and never stoppin’. For more information about The Fabrockators and to purchase their music, visit their website at www.fabrockators.com.


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