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The Jess Novak Band

Syracuse, New York

Our music is blues, rock and soul all in one with insane musicianship and engaging songs. Dig!

About The Jess Novak Band

Known for their passion, energy, superb musicianship, engaging songwriting and ability to win any crowd, Jess Novak’s projects all deliver. With a strong roots, blues, rock and soul-pumped sound, the groups bring fire in every formation of the band – duo, trio, four or five-piece. Having touched audiences up and down the East Coast – from Burlington, VT to Key West, FL – and playing more than 250 dates annually, the sound gets tighter with each show.

Jess Novak (violin, guitar, vocals) works with Mark Nanni (of Los Blancos) on piano, organ, accordion and vocals and Byron Cage (Tommy Castro, Joe Louis Walker) on drums to create a powerhouse sound. Her work is being played on radio stations worldwide (D.C. Coast to Coast, IndieOutbreak) and written about at home and across the ocean (SEE PRESS). Novak has played such prestigious rooms as The Cutting Room (NYC) and The Saint (Asbury Park), opened the 23rd Annual Chenango Blues Festival (with headliner, Ronnie Earl) and shared stages with groups including Ghost Town Blues Band.

Novak released her solo debut album, Bad Habit, in December 2013. Her group, The Golden Novak Band, released their self-titled debut album in August 2014 and their follow-up, Rodeo, was released in October 2015.

Novak has played with projects spanning RESPECT: CNY Women in Music to Vinyl Albums Live to BeatleCuse, providing a strong musical background, easily adaptable to any situation or genre. Her work spans hip-hop beats to throw-back soul to straight-up pop making for music that engages any listener.

“Written and performed with the grace and skill of a seasoned veteran, Bad Habit is one you’ll want to get into.” – c-ville.com

“Some bands have a way of making a modern version of a classic-rock sound. The Golden Novak Band is a band that has perfected that art.” – Examiner

“So many musicians and bands are often labeled as eclectic, but Novak…truly fits that billing, melding blues, rock and roll, pop and rhythm and blues with hints of improvisation to form something that you need to experience to understand.” – nysmusic.com


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