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Blue Moon Harem

Boston, Massachusetts

Becasue our music and lyrics are uplfiting and positive

About Blue Moon Harem

Blue Moon Harem had their beginnings with their original members Jon Bix and Demetri Joannou. These aforementioned members were a part of the popular mid-90s Boston band, Requiem.

Joannou and Bix had collaborated on an album that received massive local airplay and was featured three times on Harvey Warfield’s famed “Boston Music Showcase.” They worked with producer Jim Seigel at The Outpost in Stoughton, Massachusetts, and the duo experimented with looping and other instrumental technologies, where they released a record under the name Blue Moon Harem.

The independent rock group has been touring extensively for years and they were constantly performing, so Bix and Joannou decided to put together an album whose focus was more on song-craft as opposed to technological wizardly, while they simultaneously maintained a rich and full sound. That end result is “Finland,” which is a collection of very personal songs, which features the hit title track tune, that peaked in the Top 20 on the National rock charts.

Aside from Bix and Joannou, their band is made up of drummer Steve Hart (who previously worked with Aerosmith member Joe Perry), as well as Jose Pop Hernandez on bass.

Most recently, the indie rock group finished their third studio effort, which is entitled Deep Into Blue, which features such singles as “Lie” and “My Front Door.” Its release date has yet to be announced.


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