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Rude Punch

Davenport, Iowa

We've been busting our tails for 10 years, writing music that we love and performing the hell out of

About Rude Punch

Rude Punch is a reggae/rock band from Iowa. Brady(guitar and lead vocals), Adam(back up vocals and drums) and Jack(back up vocals and bass) form the nucleus of Rude Punch, all good friends and lovers of music. This summer, another guitar was added and Colton has proven to be a perfect fit. They have toured extensively, spreading their feel good vibes to all they come across. The band has been together for around 10 years in various forms as players have come and gone but Brady and Adam are the founding members, hooking up with Jack just over a year ago.
Rude Punch has produced two full length records and most recently, an 8 song EP called Lover’s Rock. The band is looking forward to continuing their quest to play as many shows as they can and expose as many people as possible to their unique fusion of reggae, rock, ska and dub music.


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