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Norwalk, Connecticut

A vote for Edisun is a vote for hard working American rock n roll.

About Edisun

Edisun got it’s start touring for US Armed Forces during the Second Gulf War, with it’s first tour as a band on front line bases of Iraq and Afghanistan, traveling from show to show in Black Hawk helicopters. To date they have played for US troops in 24 countries, and will be back in the middle east this July 4th – the mission continues. Edisun released its self-titled debut in 2011 and broke commercial rock radio with Medicate and Wide Awake. Their most recent album, Collision was released by Factory Underground, an independent label in Norwalk, Ct with distribution by Universal Music/Caroline. Their recent single Pins and Needles has been spinning on rock and college radio, marking the growth and diversity of the band’s sound, while retaining the roots of what attracted fans at the start.


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