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Providence, Rhode Island

We appreciate our fans and are dedicated to keeping rock alive!


Impending Reflections (I.R.) is an emerging rock band out of Providence, Rhode Island. Blending multi generational influences with a seasoned and diverse writing style that is catching the attention of listeners everywhere. This band is further proving that rock is alive and well! Couple this with a high energy live performance that leaves you wanting more, this is one band to keep an eye on. Officially formed in late 2012, I.R. also has a very unique and rare quality. Consisting of two fathers, their sons and a close friend that is considered family. Their journey started off as what they call a generation jam, but the chemistry quickly turned into writing original material.

In 2015 the band released its’ debut full-length studio album “Kindred”. The 12 tracks resonate with a powerful rhythm section, catchy riffs with wailing guitars, meaningful lyrics and memorable melodies. Each song tells a story and paints a vivid picture about life, choices and social topics that people can connect with. Granite Coast Entertainment reviewed the album and summed it up as “If you enjoy rock music with a bit of old school sound, this album will not disappoint you!”

They have released 4 official music videos on their YouTube channel. “The Road” captured April 2015 music video of the month honors and was a finalist for video of the year on Charter TV3 music and entertainment channel WooTube. Videos for “Sweet Susan” and “Ghosts in the Mist” were also nominated for video of the month honors.

I.R. has supported several top national acts including Bret Michaels, Ted Nugent, Lita Ford, LA Guns, Warrant, Trixter, Black Tide, Anvil, and Grammy nominee Shadows Fall. They have also headlined several shows and supported such artists as Dead By Wednesday, The Bunny The Bear, Leaving Eden, Scare Don’t Fear, Outline in Color, Mad Kings, Pistol Shot Gypsy and many others. In 2015, selected as a finalist in The Last Band Standing in RI sponsored by the New England Music Awards. They ended that year as the Home BRU’d artist of the week, a show that airs on 95.5fm WBRU. Performing live at the station and featured for the week. 2016 kicked off being invited to take part in the WXIN Rock Hunt and played on 94.1fm WHJY SoundCheck.

Their music has been featured and placed in rotation on several Internet radio stations including Boston Rock Radio, Valley FM, Rock Rage, KGF Rocks, MuseBoat Radio, Indie Scene Radio and several others. On Boston Rock Radio they have been in the Top 3 requested songs for consecutive months with three different track (Dead Black Roses, The Road, and House of Gables). I.R. has also held the #1 spot in the rock genre on multiple occasions on ReverbNation. Holding this top spot for several consecutive months and they continue to be in the top 10.

Their debut album “Kindred” is available for download on several online sites such as on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and Spotify. Also available in a professionally packaged CD that includes a full color 12-song lyric booklet.

Impending Reflections is currently playing across New England and working on new material for their second full-length studio album scheduled for release in 2017.


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