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9ine foot Squirrel


We are a unique Father and son rock band our drummer is 11 and has been doing shows since age 7.

About 9ine foot Squirrel

9ine foot squirrel was founded October 8, 2011 by Joe Caldart. Joe’s earlier projects were in Baltimore and Philadelphia. Conflict of interest, Deadbolt, Crashing Madison, and Bleach to name a few. After moving to Kansas, Joe continued to play music and write. In the spring of 2011 his oldest son Austin who was 14 showed an interest in playing guitar, so he started taking lessons and playing at home, around the same time Joe’s younger son Jason wanted to play the drums, and the lessons began. After a few weeks of lessons Joe and his sons began having jam sessions at home. By September 2011 the jam sessions turned into actual rehearsals.
In January of 2012 9FS made a video recording of two original songs, Sedative, and Forward in reverse.They entered the Buffalo Trace BOTB and won for March 2012. By April they had a six song set and they made their first live appearance as 9ine foot squirrel, at the local youth center in Saint Francis Kansas at ZERO’s. From which they recorded a live cd.9FS continued to play local places and venues throughout Kansas and Colorado.
2013 turned out to be eventful year for 9FS. They played a benefit concert to raise awareness for Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy ( Joe has lived with RSD since 1999). Then they were invited to play Hillside Sessions a two day festival showcasing local Kansas bands in Garden City. they had the opportunity to play a show with guns on mars, Dishonorable Bastards and (Pavement) King Shifter, in Garden City. 2013 was also when 9FS made their way to Nebraska playing at Sports in McCook, and the yearly festival in Trenton called Pondstock. They also played at Pleasant Fest in Wallace County Kansas, invited by the hosts and friends Fresh Picked parsley.
2014 shaped up to be a stellar year for 9ine foot squirrel,They reached 50,000 video views on fandalism.com.They have done interviews with Inthenow, Dailyhaze, Armthepit, Popvulture, Saint Francis Herald, Burlington Record, The Hays daily news as well as a few Local radio stations around Kansas. With 15 originals, and a few covers played in the 9ine foot squirrel straight forward in your face style, 9FS has been hitting the road as well as the studio, recording two cd’s Chemical Sky, and Songs for Robots. 9FS played Skullfest with Lizzy Borden, Bombay Black, killer Dwarfs, and LA Guns. 9FS has also played a couple shows with Dellacoma from Australia.
2016 is looking very cool for 9FS, playing all over the tri state area, getting air time on numerous internet radio shows around the country. writing a song called Burning for and independent film by Charles Mattocks (Bob Marleys nephew). and writing a song for indie director Richard Raaphorst for his film Children of the Moor.
9FS is definitely ready to take things to the next level!!!
See you on the road!!!!!!!!!!


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