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  • (Silence)
  • Unknown Nobodies
  • The Hook
  • Needle Points
  • Radio Drive
  • Luke Mitrani`
  • DND7
  • Little Stranger


Smyrna, Delaware

We genuinely keep things simple and full of meaning,no matter how goofy or serious our songs can be!

About Darkin

Darkin is an alternative rock band from Bear, Delaware that has performed from coast to coast. Presently, we are signed by Rock’em Sock’em Records. Darkin stretches back to the summer of 2007. Formed by brothers Frank and AJ, the band has performed in Los Angeles, New York City, and across the mid-Atlantic region. Darkin has performed at the Young Muse Festival, with the Anger Management Tour, and has been featured on 93.7 WSTW and 96.5 The Beach!