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Casual Friday

Rutherford, New Jersey

We're everyday guys with jobs and schoolwork, but our sound is hard, fast, and anything but everyday

About Casual Friday

Casual Friday is a Punk/Alternative Rock band from Rutherford, New Jersey that plays original and cover songs influenced by the best of the 90’s/2000’s punk scene. Our sound is like many of the other things we do: hard and fast. We bring our own blend of attacking and melodic guitar, lightning fast drum beats, and lyrics that stick with you long after your 9 to 5 is done for the day. We released our first EP featuring four of our original songs in the Fall of 2015, and we are currently playing shows in Northern New Jersey (and looking to expand across the Tri-State Area).

Formed in April 2015, the unlikely roots of Casual Friday were founded by a couple of accountants who needed some relief from the daily office grind. What started as an acoustic set grew to a full blown punk band with the addition of two more members, college kids looking for some reprieve to a similar, and all too familiar monotony. While we all had very different backgrounds both musically and personally, we shared something that much of the working population shares: a dream that took a backseat to the realities of life. We play for that dream, and we hope it’s something that our fans and listeners feel as well when they hear us play. To us, that’s what sets us apart: we’re not too different from everyone out there working through life to pay the bills.

With an EP that came out in October 2015, and more songs being written each week for an album to be released in 2016, we’re working on playing as many shows as we can to share our music with as many people as possible. Please give our music a listen and reach out and let us know what you think; all our original songs are available for free download on the site. Also check out our upcoming shows and sign up for our mailing list so we can keep you updated on new shows that may be more convenient for you to check out. On top of that, if you want to book us for a private show definitely let us know, we will play anytime, anywhere life permitting. Now go ahead and keep it casual, enjoy the tunes, and we’ll see you out at the next show!


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