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Surly Gates

Austin, Texas

Because they CRAVE psychedelic organ guitar rock

About Surly Gates

Austin, Texas-based band Surly Gates is com- prised of 5 dusty misfits, namely David Leland Horton on drums and vocals, James Webber on keys, guitar and vocals, Jonathan Lennartz on guitars and vocals, Marshall Owen on bass, guitar, keys and vocals, and Rusty Boyer on guitar and vocals.
Surly Gates formed in Austin in 2011 and has since continued to hone their ghostly American music to focus on the esoteric space between garage, psych, soul and country. The sound is unlike any specific genre, instead coaxing out the elements like shimmering vocal harmonies, instrumentation that shape-shifts from sparse and skeletal to lush, psychedelic and driving, and lyrics that combine alienated storytelling with strange poetic concoctions.
As well as performing throughout Central Texas since their in- ception, Surly Gates has been honored to perform at SXSW showcases and shows in 2014 and 2015, and has received fea- ture coverage in Deli Magazine and notable music blogs around the world. 2016 will see the release of their first full-length album, titled Lay Low, and the launch of their 3rd annual day-long showcase of like-minded weirdos and wander- ers when Surly Fest III commences in Spring of 2016.


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