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Yeehaw Jihad

Nelson, New Hampshire

We have an eclectic heavy sound with a vintage 70's vibe.

About Yeehaw Jihad

Formed in 2011 from hot basement jams in the deep woods of New Hampshire, Yeehaw Jihad started as a trio. The sound that was born was an unique mix of heavy and edgy rock inspired by metal, doom, stoner, punk and grunge and executed with analog, tube-driven nastiness.

In 2015 the band released their first full-length album, Songs About Rough Sex And Violent Deaths. It has had consistent play on internet radio and some FM stations as well.

Shortly after the album’s release, the band had to replace their original drummer. They also seized the opportunity to add a second guitarist. The new lineup has played a handful of shows and are now about to release a new 5-song EP this summer.


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