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Cherry Mellow

Allston, Massachusetts

Cherry Mellow is primal instinct vs. human nature. Stay true to the feeling music gives you.

About Cherry Mellow

Formed in 2014 in Boston, MA by main singer, songwriter, and guitarist Ryan Meier, Cherry Mellow pulls from east coast influences such as The Strokes; west coast influences such as The Foo Fighters and The Doors; and even over sea influences such as Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Cherry Mellow’s sound is affectionately referred to as “Heavy Mellow” and indicates their tendency to bridge gaps between genres. They get loud, brash, and bold, and they get soft, tender, and honest and everything in between. Members are Ryan Meier (Guitar and Vocals), Rafael Minerbo (Bass), Matt Reynoso (Guitar) and Peter Geiser (Drums).

Cherry Mellow is musically and lyrically about the beauty and the tragedy of unrelenting human nature and primal instinct, “with all its darkness and its scars…” Their debut LP “Feng Shui” (click here) is less about the physical flow of energy through a room, and more about the flow of energy around “mental furniture inside your head… having everything in it’s right place or putting in the work to get it where it needs to be,” as Meier likes to say.

Give them an inch, they’ll take the world.


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