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Under Influenced

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Under Influenced is in this business because of the music and the message we spread, not the money.

About Under Influenced

Under Influenced is an unsigned punk band from Milwaukee that started in June of 2009. The band has undergone two reformations since its start, and transitioned from a trio to a quintet. Although its roots are deep in punk soil, the band draws influences from numerous sources in genres such as alternative, metal, and popular rock, which is ironic considering its name. The band’s sound – one that seeks to inspire creativity and invoke emotions – has been described as being both unique and familiar at the same time. Under Influenced is proud to create music that encourages people to stand up for their beliefs, be themselves, and avoid being negatively influenced by others. The members of Under Influenced enjoy activities such as skiing, online gaming, airsoft, wiffle ball, swimming, baseball, building forts, and playing music.