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Fifth Freedom

Portland, Maine

American Rock n' Roll will never die.

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About Fifth Freedom

Fifth Freedom brings a modern attack to classically rooted rock with bluesy swagger while maintaining the tightness and dynamics of a modern hard rock sensibility. This style has allowed the band to traverse a wide spectrum of listeners from hard rock, southern rock, blues and metal fans alike.

In 2014, Fifth Freedom Released their self-titled debut record which debuting at No.1 at Bull Moose music (a 12 location New England record store chain), The band embarked on a two month tour across the United States on tour supporting the internationally known group Black Stone Cherry which earned the band national attention and airplay on both college and terrestrial radio.

Long-time members Alan Jones (vocals/guitars) and Gary Marston (drums) stayed the course while the band endured several line-up changes. In 2015, the band was joined by Ian Dyer on guitars and Seth McClellan on bass which activated a new energy and focus within Fifth Freedom that transposed into powerful new material. In the winter of 2016 the band entered the studio to track their sophomore full-length record titled: “Heartbreak & Hellfire” with Jon Wyman at The Halo Studios. The album includes a full breadth of songs that range from heavy rock anthems to earnest bluesy ballads that shout from the depths of front man Alan Jones’ soul. The album was mastered by the Grammy Award winning mastering engineer Adam Ayan and the renowned Gateway Mastering Studios in Portland, ME and is slated for release for summer 2016.