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Drew Keenan

Morgantown, West Virginia

I've composed, recorded, and produced all of my songs individually.

About Drew Keenan

I am 22 years old and a student at West Virginia University. I was in a band in high school called Cactusattactus! and I played the drums. Every weekend we would throw songs together and record them onto an old ZOOM 8-track mixer and put them on MySpace and onto CD’s to hand out at school. We didn’t know much of anything about mixing our music until the end when we were all going our separate ways post-high school. From this point I became enamored with the idea of producing music that sounded as good as I could possibly make it. I started writing as a solo artist at this point and learning more about other instruments and the mixing process. At this point, I am majoring in music technology and music industry in hopes to build on my knowledge and someday become an audio engineer. For now, the music is a bit shaky, but it has come a long long way from where it began.


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