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Brooklyn, New York

"At a time when most attention is being thrown towards bands that deliver cold, corporate rock, Newb

About Newborn

Coney Island natives Allen James and Eric Weglicki jammed together for 6 years before they finally found a bass player and drummer to play their first show as a 4-piece band in 2013.

After the usual rock n’ roll departures and arrivals the band found its final configuration when Eric switched to playing bass, Allen remained on guitar and vocals, and the two were joined by Blake Suben on drums. They have remained a 3-piece ever since. The band’s 2016 self-titled, 5-track EP, contains the acclaimed single, “Runaround”.

Reminiscent of the music that once dominated by virtue of Seattle grunge, Newborn expanded that envelope with a record that keeps all of the same raw emotion, but blended in a package that is richly layered and relentlessly up-tempo in places.


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