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Bleed Through The Grey

Manchester, New Hampshire

We are fun, upbeat, and full of raw energy

About Bleed Through The Grey

Artist Bio
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Fall of 2013. Everett Austin II (former drummer of Purge d.i. and Blackout) decides to create a heavy prog/rock band to rival all others…or at least to amuse himself on Friday Nights.
He calls on his long-time friend and collaborator, Jim Steriti (former bassist of Monkey Suit) to join his endeavor and then…it is two.
From the ether they pluck the guitarist Jay Engle, another skillful warrior in the arts of Melodious. They jam. They like. A palpable electricity can be felt. And they see that IT is good.
On a quest for words and voice they travel through the land, only to find darkness and void. Everett calms his mind and reaches back…to the past…to another of the bands he once possessed.
In the dead husk of this band, he finds the fluid and haunting vocalist Tony Metsiou(former bassist of HUMANWINE and singer of Brainfood) and the wickedly talented Scott Crawford(former guitarist of Brainfood).
In a fork of light the change begins. Each an old Knight of Melodious, the five immediately CLICK and produce a whirlwind of creative energy and musical celebration. Sonnets write themselves. Masterpieces appear as though they had always been. Reasons and questions are vaporized. The void crackles and boils. Bleed Through The Grey begins to coalesce from the murk. Rising, taking form, bathing all in its brilliance. Permeating the darkness and saturating the Universe in color and light. All rejoice and live to laugh and music is their breath. “BEGIN THE LIGHT DANCING!” Cries Tony… and they see that it is very, very good. Typical Friday night.
Bleed Through The Grey-“it’s fun.”


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