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Aiken, South Carolina

Stuart Epps who worked with Led Zeppelin, Elton John, the Beatles George Harrison and many more, is

About Afteralice

After Alice is an Alternative/Indie/Power Pop/Rock/ band that is taking the music industry to a new level with their outstanding lead vocals, blended harmonies, classic guitars, addictive melody’s with a unique driving force and edge that adds a new dimension to the industry’s multi genre sound.
The band has songs that cross into many different genre’s that include: alternative, alternative rock, indie rock, alternative pop, indie pop, power pop, alternative metal, metal pop, rock, hard rock and acoustic. We have songs that are on global radio, spinning by DJ’s in night clubs that every music lover will enjoy. Current radio station airplay on Kiss FM, ISX Radio, BTD Radio, Radioairplay, Jango, Radionomy, JamSphere, Tuneloud Hit Radio, Rockers Dive, NoAlternativeRadio, Spreaker, 47.4TheMix, Radio KSCR, AVA Radio, 365 Radio NetWork, Barbwires, UGM Network, ROTR Radio Network, Indie Music Network, TrueRockRadio, Eat This Rock & Metal Webradio,Indie Rage Radio and more.


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